What have I been doing?

29 11 2005

Hi folks!

Now you may have noticed from the title, that I’m not asking how you are doing, but rather how I am doing. Well, in short, I’m fine and well (funny to see the word ‘well’ used at the beginning and end of this sentence!).

Has anyone seen the latest series of ‘I’m A Celebrity’? Well I can tell you that I’ve been watching it every evening and so much has happened in a very short space of time! Elaine did not even survive a day in the jungle because she fainted…and now poor Kimberley cannot continue after the accident in the Bushtucker Trial yesterday. And four celebrities have already gone! Still, there are a few characters are in the jungle including the Duke, David Dickinson – getting by and wonder how the tan is, Bobby Ball – who has lost his comedy partner Tommy Cannon, Jenny Frost – I hope she does a trial soon, Sheree Murphy – she’s doing well isn’t she, Jimmy Osmond – broke some rules, but he’s a great bloke, Sid Owen – having a good time in the jungle, Carol Thatcher – all I can say is she is funny!, and…Antony Costa – cool bloke but he loses his temper very easily!

But every day one will go until the jungle has a King or Queen of the jungle (we’ve only had one Queen so far).

Anyway, I think I have told you what I have been doing…so now I pose the question to you – what have you been doing?





One response

29 11 2005

I’ve been trying to work, key word trying. As for the evenings and television, I’ve been watching Making The Band 3 on MTV. It’s one of my favorites.

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