Like the Christmas Season!

1 12 2005

And so it’s December 1st and what a better way to start than put the
Christmas tree up in my office?

Well it was going well except for a few things – one of the tree legs were
missing for starters…until someone suggested we use one of the bins to put
the tree in! That was a fantastic idea! Then it a matter of putting pieces
of paper to keep the tree upright and stable due to the weight pressing down
on it!

Next were the lights, but one half did not operate! Fortunately we had
spare bulbs and discovered that three of them did not work! But we did
manage to get the all the lights working. Every year, there is a problem
with the lights! Then to finish it off, we put the boubles and tinsel all
over until it was complete – and the star. The tree still is leaning to one
side, but it doesn’t matter.

Well we are all getting festive now and with 24 days to go – we’re all ready
at work!

I hope all of you are too.





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