Those little grey cells…

12 05 2006
Allo, what is that you say?  Those little grey cells are not working are they?  Vite!
Just in case you were wondering what I am going on about, I am talking about the ITV drama adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Poirot!  David Suchet plays the character so well that some people are convinced that he is Poirot (but without the moustache)!
I’ve been subscribing to the brilliant Poirot Collection magazine series and it’s absolutely brilliant (although you have to wait every four weeks to get two issues)!  Also included is the DVD of the drama and they are a pleasure to watch (by the way, I do have all the DVDs already, but the magazine is a must!)
The additional characters bring the case to life, Poirot’s acquaintance (or ‘trusty sidekick’), Captain Hastings played by Hugh Fraser is a charming but sometimes amusing character.  He tries his best to solve the case, but the little grey cells are not quite there.  And then there’s Chief Inspector Japp (played by Philip Jackson) who is convinced that he will beat Poirot in any case – but he fails miserably.  And Miss Lemon is Poirot’s personal secretary.  She sure knows how to put things in order. 
For those who are already Poirot fans…well you already know what I’m talking about!
One more thing – does anyone know the actual location of Whitehaven Mansions?  The answer is in London.  The location is Charterhouse Square near Holborn.  Take the Tube to Barbican station (Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines) to get there and have a good look (and take a photo if you like – and perhaps send to me?).  Please note the residence of Poirot is not really called ‘Whitehaven Mansions’ but Florin Court.
Hope this is new knowledge to you.  More Poirot chat soon!
Au revoir all!



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