Keeping it short…

13 05 2006
Evening all
(Evening because I write this blog at this time!)
Has anyone watched Deal Or No Deal this evening?  Well today was a pretty good one and the woman (think her name was Max) took the banker’s offer (anyone know his name?) of £7,700.  She ended up selling a box for just £500!  Bad Luck Banker – you knew it was coming.
I will talk about more of Deal Or No Deal in a future blog – so watch out for that!
Bye for now!
P.S. Has anyone played Spot The Difference yet?  Have you found them all?  If not, keep looking, I’m sure there are plenty!  C’est vrai!



2 responses

15 05 2006

I’m still looking at that Spot the difference blog you wrote. There are far too many differences! The major difference that sums it all are that the pictures are completely different!

15 05 2006

What! That’s not how you play the game. If the answer to the game was the pictures are completely different, then the game would be far too easy!

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