Travelling for history

14 05 2006
Hello all
I decided to go out to Central London this morning.  I went to Covent Garden to check out this brilliant shop in the market.  It’s the London Transport Museum Shop and has been relocated due to the refurbishment of the museum itself.  And while it is there, you have to visit it if you are a transport fanatic (tubes, trains, buses and other forms of transport!).  I got stuck into the books and DVD section of the shop and spend quite a bit of time looking at what was there.  Now if you are interested in the Tube history (and I don’t mean just travelling in the train itself), then I must say there’s lots of books on the history of the network.
The DVDs are interesting because if you have ever wanted to know what it is like the see the Tube from the Driver’s Cab point of view, there are entire DVDs covering most of the network.  You even get to see the whole journey including a short look at each station along the lines.  And there is commentary of course.
There are models of trains and buses as well as posters and souvenirs.  I recommend it and I will visit it again anytime soon I reckon.
Later on, I headed down to Oxford Street to see the shops…
Okay, I’ll end it there for now.  When I go again, I’ll write it here!



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