Another shopping outing…

16 05 2006
Hello all
I thought I would go to Brent Cross this evening and check out how it is to visit the shopping centre in the evening.  The crowds are few and I think this is a great time because you can actually see where you are going for once (unlike the crowds which force you to zig zag across the aisles and make you actually take longer to get through versus a simple straight line…).
The car park was pretty empty too.  Like a casual visit really.  And what’s happened to those Silverscreen DVD shops – they are all closing down.  By the way, the discounts are at exceptional prices and I recommend you go to any of those stores before they close down for good.  It only seemed months ago that they were opening up all their stores for the first time.  Opposite is HMV which apart from being a great music, DVD and games store is also quite a pricey place to pay for such goods.  Sometimes I rather buy an album in a supermarket for about £4-£5 less than pay at least £14 for the same title at HMV!  What sort of price policies are these places using?  Why can one sell for under a £10 while the other raise it above this threshold?  It doesn’t look like there is such thing as a RRP, isn’t it?
But anyway, I actually went to WHSmith to get a book.  I just happen to be dragged into the other stores for curiousity.
Ah, well.  Log off, over and out.



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