We’re watching them!

18 05 2006
What an evening!
Apart from the stroll out today…today marks what is going to be 13 weeks of non stop summer action.  What am I talking about?  It’s Big Brother!  Today 14 housemates entered the all new house which this year is totally inverted, inside out (or outside in if you want to be fancy!)  I must say what a combination of housemates this year!  It includes Bonnie will argue if she must, Dawn does not want to make friends, George is the posh type, loud Lisa, crazy rocker Pete and how about Shahbaz – he kind of reminds me of Marco (in Big Brother 5) in the way he acts!  But that’s half of the housemates – we have to wait and see their true characters – 14 housemates in a smaller house?  I tell you, I wouldn’t be able to stand that!  I will be writing several blogs about Big Brother 7 – so watch out for that!  Davina is looking great!  But it was a great start…I wonder who will get those golden tickets?  We’ll wait and see!
Good night! 



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