Eurovision fever?

20 05 2006
Hello there!
Did anyone watch this year’s Eurovision Song Contest?  Set in Athens, Greece this year, the 51st contest promised to be a fantastic one (or that’s what everyone thought).  Quite a mixed variety this year, although a lot of them were wearing white!  Some crazy entries too, Lithuania who chanted ‘We are the winners of the Eurovision’ (don’t think so), Finland with a group who were wearing monster clothing and Las Ketchup for Spain!
There were a few good ones including the UK, Greece, Sweden and Switzerland…and Ireland with Brian Kennedy!  And what of the hosts of the show?  There’s one word that sums it up – ‘Amazing’!  How many times did you count that word?
And what of the scoring?  Well it is simply politics – I give my neighbour points not based on the song itself!  Some of the juries in their countries even admitted it live!  Cyprus were defending their 12 points to Greece with the reason ‘based purely on the song’…but they’ve done it every year – do they expect anyone to believe that?  Terry Wogan who gave TV commentary said it was mostly the Baltic and Balkan countries that were trading points.  And I couldn’t believe that Finland won!  What were Europe thinking?  Was it to do with the costumes more than the song?  Well thanks to the make-up department of Finland for creating something unique.
That’s it for another year.  Will anyone out there buy the double CD or DVD once it comes out?  Well the choice is yours!  Hopefully in Helsinki that people will have at least more sense.  But then again the results will happen all over again.  I don’t think the songs matter these days, but what’s your thoughts folks?  I want to hear your comments!
Anyway, bye for now! 



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