What do you think of Shahbaz?

22 05 2006

Evening there!
Has anyone been watching Big Brother 7?  I’ve been watching the highlights most evenings now and I must say it is interesting so far.  In a series of blogs, I will be looking at several housemates and what I think of them so far.  I will review this later on and see if my opinions have changed.  But today in this blog, I will be looking at Shahbaz.  Now what a housemate!  He is what I would call too much really.  He got excited initially about absolutely everything!  The housemates, the Diary Room and even receiving his suitcase – how bad is that?  I read somewhere that he is your worst nightmare and will stick like glue to you.  I think he is fitting that description well!
However, it has got to some of the housemates nerves.  He had a bit of a row with Sezer and Glyn too.  That’s funny isn’t it – Glyn does not want to be touched by Shahbaz yet Shahbaz says he will compromise by still touching Glyn but imagining that he is a rugby player (what sort of imagination?  Why doesn’t he not touch?)!  He appears to be keen on Richard but has clearly shown his dislike to Bonnie as well as Sezer.  He has admitted he won’t change.  I can’t see him change anyway.  He hates the Big Brotherhood too and believes everyone should receive their suitcases.  But if doesn’t change a bit, the rest may well ignore him and as Dawn pointed out, he will alienate himself.  Come on Shahbaz, just act cool!
Will he survive the Big Brother experience in the next few weeks?  We just have to wait and see.  I will look at another housemate soon.
What do you think of Shahbaz?  Is he your favourite housemate?   Please write back!



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