Going, going, gone!

25 05 2006
Hi there!
What is going on in Big Brother 7?  Well two major events have happened.  Earlier this week, poor Shahbaz had been put in one corner of the room, while the rest of the group could laugh at the fella.  As a result of such events, Shahbaz decided to leave the Big Brother house…and he did!  A few were shocked although Grace defended the group claiming that “it’s not our fault”.  Pity no one except Pete could see that perhaps that was how Shahbaz was like anyway.  Some thought he wasn’t himself…but you can’t pretend now can you? (careful now!)
The second event happened earlier today (or by the time you read this, it will be yesterday), Dawn is gone too.  But under different circumstances.  Now Grace (yes, it’s her again) reckoned the day before that Dawn was playing a game and would probably stay in the house and (hear this) was trying to get sympathy votes to keep her in.  Well that wasn’t the case.  Now some of you probably thought Dawn left because she wasn’t going to receive her suitcase, but apparently it was because she broke Big Brother rules by communicating to the outside world!  How outrageous is that?!  We will never know the real truth, but Dawn was really angry about it.  But then again, did Dawn deliberately break the rules to get out quick?  It probably is unlikely because if Big Brother told her confidential information at that point, it couldn’t possibly be deliberate?  Or did she think perhaps this is a great way of getting out as an excuse?  Too many questions unanswered!
This leaves me with the subject of what if?  What if Shahbaz wasn’t the leader of the Brotherhood?  Would he still be in the house?  Would he get on with the housemates as normal?  And Dawn, what if she was a member of the Big Brotherhood?  Would she stay in the house because she has got her suitcase?  Well we will never know now, they are both out!
And the eviction is still going ahead!  That’s three housemates out in a week and it’s only week 1.  Well I think it was simply explosive!  What’s to come next week?  I will write a blog about another housemate that’s what!
Bye for now!



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