Choosing the iPod

9 09 2007

Hi all

Just want to give you an update on the iPod progress. Well, in my blog entry earlier, you will have seen how excited I was to get the 80Gb iPod Classic! We’ll let me tell you the full story…

After confirming with an Apple Store that they have the 80Gb iPod Classic, I went down to the Apple Store in Brent Cross, London to see what all the fuss was about (or rather why I was so excited!). On close inspection, I finally managed to hold the iPod Nano and iPod Classic models! I spent a bit of time trying out the new interface as well as the features of the iPods. I was impressed! I tried every feature possible, music, video, photos and some cool games!

I was left carefully deciding which iPod to go for! The iPod Nano was incredibly light and much more thinner than I thought it was going to be. That’s not to say it was a disappointment! But the colours were fantastic! But the moment I saw the iPod Classic, I think that was it! It was very good and most of all it was the excellent capacity!

At the end, I opted for the 80Gb iPod Classic in Black…because 1 it was the only colour available, 2 the Apple staff said that Black would be their first choice and that it looks more appealing and 3 that the iPod Nano is more of a fashion accessory than a serious looking player.

So here’s proof of the genuine article!

(1) Holding the iPod Classic box!

(2) Inside the box!

(3) Holding the iPod Classic for the very first time!

I will be posting a video in a moment when I get my iPod Classic setup on my universal dock! Watch this space!!!




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