iPod hunt is on!

9 09 2007

Hi there

I said that I was going to talk about the iPod again, and today I am going to go out there and get one of the new iPods! And if are asking whether or not I have decided between Nano or Classic…well I am still a bit undecided. But the most likely option will be the Classic!

The question I have been asking myself was…do the Apple Stores have the new iPods in stock? Yesterday, while in PC World (funny to say that because I am typing this blog on an iMac!), I thought I would call up some of the Apple Stores to find out if they have the new iPod line (again funny, to call an Apple Store in PC World! And just to tell you, PC World don’t stock the new iPod yet). A few stores were busy (yes, I admit I was eager to find out), but I did manage to get through to one store that said that they have the new iPod Nanos in stock…’and the Classic?’ I asked. My response, ‘we do not have that one yet’. What? Not yet? I asked them when they would get the stock, they said ‘probably Monday’. Probably? I was a bit disappointed, but I thought maybe they are right, it will hit the shops by the coming week…and then I rested my case.

But this morning, I had another think and decided that maybe that particular store doesn’t have the iPod Classic, and so I called another store to confirm that it wasn’t just one store who was having this problem. I called another store and they informed me that they do indeed have the iPod Classic in stock! The 80Gb as well…but only in black. Never mind! They do stock the new iPods! That’s the main thing…so I can go ahead and get one today!

This still means I have to make that final decision – the iPod Nano, or the iPod Classic? Decisions, decisions…if only some were easier to make!

I will post another entry later and tell you how it all went!

I’m off on that iPod hunt!




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