Setting up my iPod Classic

9 09 2007

Hi all

Finally! Here’s a video I have posted which shows me setting up my iPod Classic 80Gb! Hope you enjoy it!




8 responses

10 09 2007

good on ya, just got mine too and lovin it. thinking of getting a nano and touch too (yep, i’m greeeeedy!!!!!!!!!) 😉

11 09 2007

what’s with all the hand movements at d end ????

11 09 2007

I got myself a ipod video few years ago and thinking of making the upgrade. Don’t know what’s the best tho.

My girlfriend suggests ipod nano cause its cute and small and my mate thinks i’d be better off waiting for a ipod touch.

btw not seen the ipod touch yet in the store, probably wait for a few more days.

11 09 2007

Hi coolfish

The reason for the hand movements was that I was trying to put my thumbs up in front of the camera but it was too close! So i had to move it back a bit! Never mind, but i can tell you that the iPod Classic is great!

11 09 2007

k.daniels, I agree that it is a difficult choice between the iPods as they are a great set of models. The iPod Touch is a brilliant model, but according to the Apple Store online, the iPod Touch is going to be released at the end of September…so you will have to wait a bit longer. Mind you, I might even get an iPod Touch myself when it is released!

12 09 2007

got the zune….no regreets

12 09 2007

can’t wait for the touch to come out-much too long way away,
i’ll get the nano, sorted.

16 09 2007

Good on you, Matt77!

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