What’s in store?

16 09 2007

Hi all

I thought I would tell you about some things I took snapshots of in the last few days. Last Wednesday, I thought I would visit the Apple Store in Regent Street and see how much interest the new iPods are catching on… Well it was obvious that into the week that plenty of people have already shown interest in the new iPods. In fact, it was evident that many were fascinated by the new models – holding it, listening to it and trying the various features of these new models!

A few could be heard finding it hard to decide whether to have the black iPod Classic or the silver one? One moment, “I love the silver one, yes, I will buy the silver one!” and then suddenly “…but the black one is cooler…no, I will buy the black one!”

I thought I would hang around the counter area and see if the iPods were being purchased! And indeed the new iPods were selling well! iPod Classics being taken out of the draws…many black model ones and then a number of different coloured iPod Nanos coming out as well. A long queue I must say! I would like to know what people think of the iPod Classic, especially those who have bought one recently. I have had mine for a week now and I really like it (the promised review will come very soon!).

Anyway for those who have the new iPod range, enjoy!




2 responses

17 09 2007

i tried nano at the weekend – loved it so much but can’t afford it :((

17 09 2007


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