And so it arrives in the UK!

18 09 2007

Hi there!

If you haven’t heard the news…today the iPhone has been launched in the UK! There was a special event at the Apple Store in Regent Street, London announcing the arrival of the iPhone which will come in stores on 9th November. But only in Apple Stores, Apple online store, O2 shops and The Carphone Warehouse.

Apple have partnered with O2 to exclusively offer this fantastic product! Featuring 8Gb of space, it has been priced at a reasonable £269…the same price as the iPod touch 16Gb model by the way!

And what tariffs? Well here are the deals:

£35 a month for 200 minutes and 200 texts
£45 a month for 600 minutes and 500 texts
£55 a month for 1200 minutes and 500 texts

All have unlimited internet access and free voicemail! All on 18 month contracts.

So what does everyone think? Will you be getting an iPhone when it is released? If you are asking me, well I won’t be getting it immediately because I have a Blackberry on O2 and have an 18 month contract anyway…but I want to know what everyone else thinks!

Let me know if this is a great deal or not.




2 responses

19 09 2007

Hi !
Finally, we get the real scoop on the iphone. Price is reasonable. I can see myself affording the £269 and i’ll probably be sorted with the $35 tariff. I don’t usually go over 150 mins or so so 200 mins is more than enough. I thought about getting the ipod Touch but thinking I can get a phone with my music and movies will be diamonds. I’m on vodaphone so i’ll need to make the switch to o2 but checking their website looks like a decent operator so should be no problem. Just got to find a way to get rid of my sony w880i now.

19 09 2007

Looks like all the recent apple announcements have got to my head! £35 i mean not dollars 😀

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