I’ve touched it!

19 09 2007

Hi all

This evening I decided that I would just visit the Apple Store in Regent Street, a day after Steve Jobs announced the iPhone launch in the UK. I thought I would just browse the iPods again and see the models and how the response is still.

I decided to go upstairs to check out the iPod Nanos which I opted not to get in favour for the iPod Classic (which I am enjoying by the way). But then something interesting was going on…there were a few customers trying a device using their fingers…what could that mean???

Yes! They have the iPod Touch in stores right now!!! And this evening, I had a chance to try out an iPod Touch! Check the photo out for the genuine article! As you can see, I am holding one of the coolest devices ever made in the iPod range (other than the iPhone).

What do I think? It is actually a brilliant device! The iPod Touch is thin, the features are amazing and it is definitely something I am considering getting (I would describe the features when I get the iPod Touch)! Unfortunately, the iPod Touch is too popular! A customer asked if they had the 16Gb model in stock…but they had all sold out and would get more tomorrow! Pity, it could have been a big event!!! Never mind, it is definitely something on my list of purchases!

Meanwhile, downstairs, in the store, a lot of people where around the table trying this cool device!

Has anyone got hold of the 16Gb iPod Touch? What do you think? Are you amazed or disappointed? Let me know…before I actually get hold of one!!!




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