A touching moment!

22 09 2007

Hi all

What an exciting day! As you already know, in my previous blog entry, how difficult it is to get the iPod Touch from the Apple Store in the UK!

It appeared to not be a good start though, after being well informed that Apple Store Regent Street had no more iPod Touch at all and uncertain when the new stock will be available, I thought I would ring around to see if any other Apple Stores had the same problem. Firstly, I called Apple Store Bentalls Centre in Kingston. Bad news there, all their iPod Touch-es had sold out, no chance. They even told me to ring everyday to find out if they have got any new stock! But then, I decided to call up Apple Store Brent Cross and see if they had any iPod Touch left…I was delighted to be informed that they had a handful of 8Gb iPod Touch in stock! Great news!

Now I know, I mentioned the 16Gb iPod Touch time and time again, but my priority at the current time was getting hold of an iPod Touch anyway. I headed off to the Apple Store Brent Cross early morning…I must say, it was very strange to visit Brent Cross Shopping Centre at this time, empty ground floor car park and the empty corridors as well!

I entered the Apple Store and very few people were in store and a lot of staff idle. Before making the move, I decided to have another go with the iPod Touch and was still amazed with what it could do! I went to the cashier’s desk to ask if they had the 8Gb iPod Touch and out came the genuine article (I couldn’t help but notice 7 to 8 more 8Gb iPod Touch-es left in stock!). And then that was it! I had purchased one of the coolest iPods around (after the iPhone).

And to celebrate this excitement! Here’s a gallery of me holding the box!

(1) Holding the iPod Touch box

(2) Giving my seal of approval

(3) The side of the box

(4) The proof – it’s an iPod Touch!

(5) I smile about owning an iPod Touch!

Has anyone in the UK been able to grab their own iPod Touch? Tell me what you think! And while you do that, I will get started!




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