Fashion design? It’s your Job!

23 09 2007

Hi there

I have discovered this excellent website! And it is about Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple! Do you feel that you could give Steve a fashion makeover? Would you like to see what Steve would look like without his usual turtlenecks and jeans? Well this website gives you all that plus more crazy and outrageous fashion gear for the man himself!

To celebrate this excellent site, I will be posting up the mood of Virtual Steve Jobs, to be called from now on VSJ! VSJ will be demonstrating his fashion gear and it will be posted up on my blog for you to see! For those who want a nice sneak peak, here’s what VSJ has dressed up as!

This is VSJ in his usual gear before the makeover!

And today, VSJ has become the judge today! As well as sporting the pirate look, he is clearly missing summer. Yes, Autumn is here…but it is clear that he is feeling a bit cold too. What a cool coat and matching hat!

Why not create your own fashion makeover for Steve Jobs by visiting:

I will be posting VSJ’s fashion statement every day! Check them out and come back soon for more!




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