iPhone is a nightmare!

15 11 2007

Hi all!

What a nightmare! Just to get an iPhone activated is becoming a joke! It should have been a straightforward matter of choosing a price plan, doing a credit check and then completing the activation and getting a temporary mobile number while my current mobile number is transferred!!!

But no, it is a real problem right now and it has been over 24 hours with no luck in sight! The telephone support has been absolutely appalling! It seems no one knows what the problem is and definitely doesn’t have an idea of the problems I am having!

I really, really hope that this problem is sorted out soon because without activation, the iPhone is really a useless tool! But to be honest, it doesn’t seem like I am going to have much luck!

Has anyone else had the same problem? Has anyone not been able to activate their iPhone (or still hasn’t)? Let me know! It is a headache happening right now!




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