What do I think of my iPhone?

19 11 2007

Hi all

I am pleased after five days I have finally activated my iPhone! In fact I was almost going to give up! But before I tell you what I think, let me tell you a story…

Last Saturday morning, I thought I would give it one more go…and when I did, I got an e-mail informing me that O2 is reviewing my application and I would get a reply within 24 hours! It did sound good…

…but on Sunday morning, I still had not received an e-mail and was getting concerned and so I contacted O2 to get the problem sorted out again. After being referred a few times, I got to the Credit department who after a few words did a credit check and did an ID check. Later, I was pleased to hear that I passed my credit check and was prompted to connect my iPhone to the computer.

It almost seemed too good to be true when I got a message that O2 were still reviewing my application! This was not good news and once again I thought I would ring O2 to find out why this was the case…until I received an e-mail saying my iPhone was activated and so I got excited!!!

…and now the rest is history!

So what do I think of my iPhone? The answer? It is excellent! The wonderful features I can take on the road, my music, photos, e-mail, check the Internet, weather and stocks! And it is a phone which I can use to contact all my friends as well!!! Very interactive and responsive. I could give a long review about the iPhone, but here’s my bulletpoint comments about the iPhone…

1. Text – brilliant SMS service!
2. Calendar – keeps me on schedule!
3. Photos – now I can keep some wonderful photos I have taken from my digital camera…and my iPhone!
4. Camera – see above!
5. YouTube – great video website on a phone!
6. Stocks – good app although I don’t use much
7. Maps – nice to find where a restaurant or place is and how to get there!
8. Weather – great to find out what the weather will be like in the next 7 days!
9. Clock – great to have world clocks!
10. Calculator – simple but useful
11. Notes – I love the fact I can jot down some quick notes
12. iTunes Wifi – now I can buy music on the go!

The phone features are excellent, especially visual voicemail that let me listens to any message in any order. And the best thing is allowing you to hear parts of the message rather than from the beginning!

E-mail is superb! Now I can pick up my e-mail and equally reply to them anywhere!

Safari is a fully featured web browser! There’s nothing like it at the moment on any other phone!

iPod – one of the best music players and it’s here too!

So there you go, it is clear I love my phone! It is almost becoming something I can’t do without! Has anyone else got their iPhone (activated of course)? What do you think of your phone? Let me know!!!




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