Make something for the iPhone

9 03 2008

Hi all

If you are a tech-y person, you will find this entry useful…it doesn’t mean no one else should read it though (may say something else afterwards).

If you have been reading recently, Apple have announced the long awaited iPhone SDK (Software Development Kit) which allows developers to finally make their own software for the iPhone! Great news! But there’s a few things to clear up though…

1. The software developed will only be made available to download through iTunes

2. iTunes App Store that will keep a library of applications comes out in June

3. If you want your software to appear on iTunes App Store, be prepared to pay $99 at the minimum!

Nevertheless, it will excite those who want to have games and other useful applications on their iPhones. Although it will come out in the summer, it will be worth the wait as it will give developers the time they need to make good quality software (hopefully!)

What do you think? Send your comments in!

…and to end off the subject completely, let me say hi to everyone and I’m pleased to say that this Blog will be updated on a regular basis from now on! (You see, I did talk about something else didn’t I?!)




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