Let the fans begin!

15 04 2008

Hi all

Over the last few evenings, I have been watching several episodes of The Crystal Maze (anyone remember this show?). For those who haven’t an idea what this TV show is about, it is simply a team of 6 contestants who play games in four timezones (named Aztec, Medieval, Futuristic and Industrial…to be later replaced by Ocean). For each game they win, they are rewarded a time crystal. Each time crystal is worth 5 seconds. The more they accumulate, the more chance they can win the big prizes!

At the end of the game, the team visit the Crystal Dome, a huge structure that the team go into to collect gold tokens…and if they collect 100 or more, they stand a good chance of winning a prize…but there’s a catch, if they collect any silver tokens, these are deducted from the grand total. The time crystals collect determine how long they spend in the dome, so for example, if they win 5 time crystals, they will get 25 seconds in the Crystal Dome.

Well that’s about it on what the show is about! The episodes I have been watching feature Richard O’Brien, known for his Rocky Horror Show…his total improvisational talks and interaction to the team make for great viewing!

Unfortunately, the show no longer plays anymore and many fans, like myself, would love the show to be resurrected once again as there is nothing like it at the moment!

What did you think of The Crystal Maze? Did you like it? Did you actually appear on the show? Bring back memories and let me know!




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