iPhone price drop – a clue?

24 04 2008

Hi all

I have had a iPhone for about over 5 months now and I am enjoying what it offers on the go…Internet, E-mail, Maps…and the iPod of course!

But now what has happened as a limited offer in O2 and Carphone Warehouse stores is a special offer! You can the 8Gb iPhone for just £169! A £100 drop from the original price (but in Apple stores, it’s still £269). That sounds absolutely a brilliant chance to own this fabulous phone for less! But there’s some things to note…

1. The price drop only applies to the 8Gb model. The 16Gb remains priced at £329.
2. The limited offer ends on 1st June!

1st June? That’s suspicious! Apparently the phone is selling very well and some stores have reportedly run out of stock! But June is a special month for Apple as they launch the final version of their iPhone SDK, a software update for the iPhone (version 2.0)…and the brand new iTunes App Store which will finally allow iPhone users to download applications straight to the phone!

But there are also reports that Apple have something else up their sleeves…the rumoured 3G iPhone that has been going around for a while now…and people reckon that it will be launched in June as well.

So now that leaves some questions! Did O2 and Carphone Warehouse drop the price because of they want to get rid of their stock for the new 3G iPhone? Did they drop the price because of poor sales (and want to increase the number of customers)? Or is there some other explanation?

What do you think? Have you or are you going to buy the iPhone now? Or wait until June to see if the rumoured 3G iPhone is true? Don’t think long as the offer ends on 1st June!!! Let me know!




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