Farewell to Oriental City…for now

27 04 2008

Hi all

The other day, I visited Oriental City in Colindale to have a quick snack in the Food Court.

For those who don’t already know, Oriental City is a large shopping complex featuring shops and restaurants. The thing is, is that the huge complex will be around until at least next month when the whole area will be completely redeveloped with housing, B&Q and a school. There are plans to relocate the centre after months of protest…at present the search is still on to find a suitable location.

It will be sad to see Oriental City go…only because it is so unique and there’s nothing like it in London! What do you think of Oriental City? What will you miss? Let me know of your thoughts.




3 responses

22 06 2008
Ben Chia

We went to Colindale to have a glimpse of Oriental City today. It’s all fenced up with no activities at all. For now, my eating places are Golden Palace & Lung Fung. Who wants to go to China City in Russell or Leicester Sq? Not us, it’s too far.

18 08 2008
Jason Taylor

Where are the Golden Palace & Lung Fung? Where has the baker’s moved too, where has the supermarket moved too? What about all the other non-Chinese places – Malay, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, etc etc? I’m very disappointed with the trader’s association. They had more than a year to make arrangements and still they could not find a new location in that time or even arrange a website to update the public on what’s going on, where individual businesses are moving too, etc. Driving past the OC yesterday (Sun 17-July-2008) the place was still standing – the bulldozers haven’t come in yet. But from this story (http://www.propertyweek.com/story.asp?sectioncode=297&storycode=3119754&c=1) it looks like the property developer’s are struggling to raise cash. I wouldn’t be surprised if the place was just bulldozed and left abandoned at this rate!

1 09 2008

more news…

August 27, 2008
Oriental Wembley City?
Quintain are understood to be drawing up plans to hose the displaced Oriental City food market at Wembley.

According to Estates Gazette, the group is in talks with the traders to create a branded market at Wembley Retail Park. The traders have set up ‘Pacific Plaza’, an oriental food court model which they are considering for four locations accross London.

The traders were compensated with up to a year’s rent free trading by Devlopment Securities, who have consent to trun their former Colindale home into a £200m, 300,000 sq ft retail/resi scheme designed by Sheppard Robson.

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