iPhone supply runs out?

6 05 2008

Hi all

You will probably remember about a blog entry I wrote about regarding the apparent price drop of the iPhone in O2 and Carphone Warehouse. The 8Gb model dropped from £269 to £169 – a £100 price drop until 1st June. Well, it was so popular that they actually ran out of stock! Now you cannot buy the 8Gb iPhone from these stores as they ran out of stock…and the offer was going to last until the end of this month with almost a month to spare!!!

So where can you get the iPhone?? Well, if you have tried the Apple Online Store…bad luck! The online store has ran out too! They have put on their website, currently unavailable. Not even the 16Gb is in stock (despite being introduced for just a few months!). It only seems the Apple Retail Store have a handful of iPhones to sell.

So the question you may be asking is…should I buy the iPhone now…or has Apple got something new coming that we are going to get excited about? Well, there is strong indication that a ‘3G iPhone’ may be coming out in June. But with the WWDC ’08 coming up on 9th June, it makes you wonder!

Well, let’s wait and see and who knows…it maybe what everyone has been waiting for!!!

(P.S. if you are really desperate for an iPhone…try eBay or something!)




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