Eurovision fever – part 3

26 05 2008

Hi all

A little late I know, but here is my final part on my take of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade.

And so here we reached the final! 25 countries, including 20 from the semi-final, the 4 big contributing countries and the host country. What did I think? Before I answer the question, here is my take on the other five countries that appeared in the final…

1. United Kingdom – An excellent song! The X Factor runner up, Andy Abraham delivered a brilliant song and the audience did like it! Good job!

2. Germany – A typical pop song from a girl group. It did sound a little out of key in places, but it was otherwise a not bad tune.

3. France – A very strange choice! Sung mostly in English…the backing singers dressed in sunglasses with false wigs, beards and moustaches (yes, including the women!).

4. Spain – Another strange choice! A rap, this tune has a catchy feel to it.

5. Serbia – A strong ballad and a nice tune from the host country.

The contest overall in terms of songs was a good year! And there were a quite a number I did like! Not usually, but this one was a good show. We may have had a few odd ones, but that is what Eurovision is about, all about having fun and a good time! The green room people were crazy…you often wonder why they need to shout loud when they are so close to you on the screen…and have microphones that are loud enough thank you very much!

But now to the other part of the show…the voting! This year may have introduced two semi-finals, but it did allow all countries in the contest to vote…and that was the problem! The subject of block voting was back and as usual, points were going to the neighbouring countries once again…it was no surprise that Russia won! But the song wasn’t too bad though, so they should get a congratulations nevertheless!

Terry Wogan was disappointed this year and commented that Western Europe will probably not stand a chance of winning the Eurovision Song Contest…he got to a point of wondering if he should do anymore.

And what of the UK? Well it didn’t do too well in voting…only getting votes from San Marino and Ireland. But it wasn’t the only one that had poor scores…look at Sweden and Denmark for instance, some great tunes and no good votes there either.

Truly disappointing…should we, in the UK, continue? Should we pull out of the competition? Is there any point? Comments please! Agree or disagree…have your say!




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