Food Court closes in Oriental City

1 06 2008

Hi all

What a sad day for Oriental City…today the Food Court opened for the very last time closing at 7:00pm this evening. This is one of the main reasons people come to the centre in Colindale, London. And that is to try the various food around south east Asia…where else will you find a place like this in the UK? Probably nowhere. The property developers were happy to see it go…and have decided to build flats, a school and oddly enough, a B&Q? Why? I think it is all about the money at the end of the day!

Here is a few photos of the day before the Food Court opened for the last time…

1. The entrance to Food Court

2. A view from one area of the Food Court

3. The second view of the Food Court

4. The poster which informs people of the closure of the Food Court

The shops will remain open until 8th June where Oriental City will finally close its doors. This coming week, I will be posting another entry with a small gallery of photos of the centre.

What memories do have about the Food Court in Oriental City? Was it wrong for them to close it down? Let me know and share your thoughts.




One response

2 06 2008

Hi David,
I am one of the guys who fought for the shop keepers since 2006. Let’s come down to the basics. First of all, I believe the Brent Councillors involved in the development plan get a few million each which they could retire soon. Ken Livingston, ex-mayor will obviously gets a bigger share as he authorised the plan. The final date of payment for this site is 30 Jun 08 which the previous owner,a Malaysian Dato ( Sir equivalent ) will get his ¬£70m for this site.
The selling price after completion is AWESOME.
To the shop keepers, they have been compensated and some of them will retire. Some will trade in Wing Yip Business Centre at Staples Corner. Let’s hope the Food Courts will follow suit.
I am Malaysian and have just lost my culture, thanks to ex-mayor and Brent Councillors. Is this Democracy? Bye to Oriental City with lots of memories!

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