Oriental City – past, present and future?

11 06 2008

Hi again!

As promised, I dedicate this blog entry entirely on Oriental City. This blog is divided into three sections, the past, present and future? (a question still yet to be entirely answered).

As you already know, the place has closed. This week, the place is getting demolished for a brand new development. So you may be asking what is happening now? Well, some places have found some other places to run their business. For instance, the supermarket is moving to Queensway, Bayswater and a few retail shops have found places but one particular place has collected names and address to let them know when and where they would be moving and the bakery is moving to North London. As for others, like the people in the Food Court, there’s uncertainty.

Miss Oriental City? Here are some more photos of the Oriental City that was…

1. Oriental City entrance

2. Even the logo is going…

3. The Food Court that was

4. The supermarket, but the shelves are pretty empty now

5. China City Restaurant has other branches in central London now

6. Finally, Zen Tian Di Oriental Buffet Restaurant. One of the first places that I went to experience an Oriental Buffet…there’s no mention of it moving though.

So the question now is what is the future of Oriental City? If you had a look at the local newspapers recently, you may have read reports that a 21,000 square foot site has been found for Oriental City which is not far from where it used to be. As long as it can be secured, then it will mean some hope for the traders. So what would be offered if the site is secured? Well there would be enough room for at least 40% of the businesses who were in the former Oriental City. Details include a mini food court, a small supermarket and at least room for ten shops saving 200 jobs. Where will it be? At present, details have not been disclosed.

And what about the property developers? Well considering it may take more than three years to build the redevelopment, they claim that they have identified a space for the traders when the development opens. But there is fear that the time to take to build is a very long time and that businesses will close down altogether.

I will come back to this subject at some point, but what are your thoughts on the current situation? Let me know.

iPhone 3G is coming!

11 06 2008

Hi all

Did you hear the news from WWDC ’08? Or has anyone? Well the interesting thing discussed was the launch of the iPhone 3G!

So what is new? Well first thing is that iPhone 3G is much faster than the current iPhone. It now has built in 3G which means faster access online on the mobile Safari web browser which is excellent and e-mail! Also, on Google Maps is a built in GPS receiver which will track where you are. Something that will be of good use when moving around.

The design of the iPhone 3G has slightly changed with a black or white plastic back, and the headphone jack can now take any pair of headphones which will be good news for anyone who has good quality ones! The screen is glorious and the camera is the same 2.0 megapixel as before and there is no video camera…but that may be a future requirement…who knows?

And what is the deal with pricing? Well O2 are giving a brilliant deal to new and current users who will finally have a chance to afford an iPhone 3G at long last! There are four tariffs and two iPhone 3G models. Here’s the run down:

iPhone 3G 8Gb
£30 tariff – phone price: £99, 75 minutes, 125 texts
£35 tariff – phone price: £99, 600 minutes, 500 texts
£45 tariff – phone price: FREE, 1200 minutes, 500 texts
£75 tariff – phone price: FREE, 3000 minutes, 500 texts

A good deal for £45 tariff, the iPhone 3G is absolutely free! What a cool deal!

iPhone 3G 16Gb
£30 tariff – phone price: £159, 75 minutes, 125 texts
£35 tariff – phone price: £159, 600 minutes, 500 texts
£45 tariff – phone price: £59, 1200 minutes, 500 texts
£75 tariff – phone price: FREE, 3000 minutes, 500 texts

In addition, the iPhone 3G 16Gb comes in black or white, the 8Gb is only available in black. All tariffs are subject to an 18 month contract…but good news existing iPhone users, you can upgrade to the new iPhone 3G even if you haven’t finished your current contract! But you have until 11th October to do just that…so plenty of time!

In addition, O2 are giving pay as you go customers a chance to get an iPhone 3G as well, so it should appeal to a wider audience!

With all this and more, don’t rush just yet for the iPhone 3G! It comes out on 11th July!

So what do you think of the new iPhone? Are you going to get one? Let me know!