iPhones are not around in the Apple Store

14 06 2008

Hi all

Just before the WWDC ’08 announcement on 9th June, there was still an opportunity to get hold of the current iPhone.

As many of you will know, O2 were doing a limited offer back in May that gave customers a change to own the 8Gb model for only £199. This £100 discount attracted a lot of people until the stocks ran out.

Also around that time, the online Apple Store were not selling the 8Gb or 16Gb models of the iPhone as they were ‘currently unavailable’. The only place that had stock were the Apple retail stores. In addition, they were on display too!

Today, I decided to pop into an Apple Store in London to check out whether you could still get hold of the iPhone even though the new iPhone 3G was announced (and will come out 11th July). The answer is no! They were quick to take the advert boards off, and remove all the display models. In place are a lot of iPod Touch-es which are still attracting a lot of people somehow.

eBay is perhaps the only way to get hold of the model, but hey, who’s going to buy one, when on a £45 a month contract with O2, you can get the 8Gb iPhone 3G for nothing? Perhaps it is the best time to sell yours before the new model comes out? Or perhaps not…maybe wait for the iPhone 3G is out so you can hand over your current iPhone for someone else? Maybe they could use the iPhone as a iPod Touch instead!



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