The bendy buses are going!

31 07 2008

Hi all

What do you think of ‘bendy’ (articulated) buses in London?  A love/hate thing?  Well it has been quite a debate…at one time, there was an idea of putting such vehicles on the road to replace some of the double decker buses and to increase passenger room for those who use the routes…it was also supposed to allow anyone to enter anyone of the entrances of the bendy buses…unless you needed to pay the bus fare!

Then there have been disasters with bendy buses…firstly, in late 2003 to early 2004, it was reported that some buses had caught fire meaning a temporary withdrawal until it was discovered that pipework in the engine had to be modified.

Second on the list was fare evasion!  With other entrances other than the front door to enter the bendy buses, this could allow a passenger to jump in without paying the fare and jump off on the next stop if they wished.

Third is that the bendy buses as just too long!  This problem arises because they can potentially block roads and the difficulty in turning the bus around as they need a large amount of space to maneuver!

And finally, the most dangerous thing is the fact that they can cause more injuries on the road than a double decker bus.  It can potentially put a cyclist at risk.  In fact, bendy buses have been involved in 75% more accidents than double decker buses.

And that’s where the new major Boris Johnson has come in…to scrap bendy buses altogether!  Below pictured in a bendy bus on route 507.  This along with routes 38 and 521 were the first ones to be replaced by double decker buses for good.


Bendy Bus on route 507


What do you think of bendy buses?  Do you love them or hate them?  Are you happy to see them disappear from our London streets?  Let me know!

How many good days in July?

31 07 2008

Hi all

You may remember at the beginning of the month I was asking you how many sunny days we will get this July in the UK?  Well I asked also how many days do you think we will get?  Well it looks like the last two weeks of July has been pretty good (and hot!)…and by the way, I live in London, so that’s what we got!

I bet some of you have been complaining that it has been too hot…but you shouldn’t complain!  Last year, we got very heavy rain and hardly had a summer!  So enjoy it while you can!

I understand that this will vary depending on where you live.  What about you?  How many sunny days did you get this month in your area?  Let me know.  It would interesting…

What is it about roadworks?

28 07 2008

Hi all

Another ranting blog!  The other day while driving, I have been getting increasingly frustrated about roadworks!  In particular, water and gas main works that take weeks (sometimes months) to complete! Okay, fair enough, these works are needed to replace pipes to prevent water bursts and gas leaks, but why does it take so long to do then?  When the workers start digging…that’s easy, the road is dug open really quickly so they can replace the necessary.  But it takes ages for them to cover the holes!  And when you drive on the road sometimes, the workers don’t appear to be there at all!  What are they doing?  Do they do short shifts?  Talk about getting the job done on time.

In some cases, there are times when a road has to be entirely closed because the roadworks have to be done and another big hole has to be opened. I remember one event many months ago when a water company dug a hole up to repair a water pipe. The drain had been raised and left for about two weeks!  Some people complained so much that workers were forced to return and lower the drain.  The paving slabs were not replaced…instead, they just added tar with an excuse: “The work is not finished yet and we need to do more work on the drain”.  They haven’t returned since.

Enough of my rant!  What are your experiences with the holes in the road?  Good or bad?  I personally think it is a huge disruption…especially if it takes weeks to complete!  Let me know!

At Bourne End Mills

23 07 2008

Hi all

I thought it would be good to have an evening drive in the countryside. After a few hours out in the rural scene, I stopped off at Bourne End Mills to have dinner at McDonald’s!

Here is a shot of the place! A good evening out…sometimes it is great to get out of crowded places!


Welcome to my new blog!

22 07 2008

Hi all!

Welcome to my all new blog! I hope the refreshed website becomes a regular visit and I hope you like the experience too!

All my previous blog entries can be found all here! So if you have missed the previous entries, you can find them here with ease.

As usual, you are welcome to give your comments on the blog as it is always good to get opinions!

Anyway, better let you have a read! Enjoy the blog!!!


First look at iPhone 3G

14 07 2008

Hi all

I thought it would was time to check out Apple’s brand new product, the iPhone 3G!  I travelled down to the Apple Store in Regent Street, London to check out the product itself!

When entering the store, it was clear that a lot of people were interested in the new product!

1. iPhone 3G is advertised in full…

It took a bit of time for me to actually try out the new phone for myself and actually ended upstairs instead! Finally, there was an iPhone 3G I could try…although there was a lot of smudges…it is prone to these things though.  But the photo below was my first feel of the model…

2. The iPhone 3G itself!

3. The back of the iPhone 3G.  This is a black model.

I took these photos using my current iPhone!  It feels good to use, although I recently updated my iPhone to the version 2.0 software and am already enjoying the features of the iPhone with a new feature that allows you to download applications to your phone!  The only difference is that I want a 16Gb model, I have no 3G and no GPS feature in Maps!

While I was there, I thought I would take a shot of the MobileMe box. I consider joining it soon.

Overall, the iPhone 3G is good.  The problem is when I will be able to upgrade the phone because I cannot do it in Apple Stores unfortunately.  So I will have to wait!  Hopefully, when I do get my hands on one, I will write another blog entry of unboxing the new iPhone 3G for real!

What do you think of the iPhone 3G?  Let me know!

iPhone 3G out today…but with problems

11 07 2008

Hi all

The new iPhone 3G is out now in the UK…but O2 and Carphone Warehouse confirmed that they had limited stocks in their stores. I wasn’t going to jump for the chance though as I already knew that the new product will sell out quick. I did within hours and you cannot get it anywhere for now…

…but there were reports of people having serious problems activating their iPhone 3G because the iTunes store had crashed leaving many with unusable phones without activation. And this explains a lot because as well as new customers, you have got existing iPhone users who are trying to update their software to version 2.0 all at the same time. I personally think that Apple should have let existing users get the software update early…but it’s too late now!

I have for now decided not to upgrade to iPhone 2.0 software because of this very problem since you need to activate the phone before you can use it. And as for the iPhone 3G…I’ll just have to wait now!

Did anyone experience any problems? Or had any joy activating on launch day? Let me know!