No good doing a pre order of iPhone 3G

7 07 2008

Hi all

As you may (or may not) know, the iPhone 3G is coming out on 11 July and is set to be a popular product!

Today, O2 sent a text to existing iPhone users in the UK to pre order online at 8:00am today…it sounded exciting! So I went onto the O2 website to wait for the website to open for orders. About 15 minutes after 8:00am, the store opened…I entered my mobile number and received an activation code. As I got closer to receiving an iPhone 3G…the website crashed!

The information had been lost and I had to go through the process once again…I had received so (and too) many activation codes by text which turned out to be totally useless. The website had permanently went down and the chance of owning an iPhone 3G looked bleak.

It turned out that O2 had sold out and had more demand that was first thought of! The problem was that some people received information about the pre order too late!

In my opinion, it was a huge disappointment…if there are so many people wanting the iPhone 3G, there is a very unlikely chance I will get to own one.

How was your experience on getting to the website? Let me know!