iPhone 3G out today…but with problems

11 07 2008

Hi all

The new iPhone 3G is out now in the UK…but O2 and Carphone Warehouse confirmed that they had limited stocks in their stores. I wasn’t going to jump for the chance though as I already knew that the new product will sell out quick. I did within hours and you cannot get it anywhere for now…

…but there were reports of people having serious problems activating their iPhone 3G because the iTunes store had crashed leaving many with unusable phones without activation. And this explains a lot because as well as new customers, you have got existing iPhone users who are trying to update their software to version 2.0 all at the same time. I personally think that Apple should have let existing users get the software update early…but it’s too late now!

I have for now decided not to upgrade to iPhone 2.0 software because of this very problem since you need to activate the phone before you can use it. And as for the iPhone 3G…I’ll just have to wait now!

Did anyone experience any problems? Or had any joy activating on launch day? Let me know!