First look at iPhone 3G

14 07 2008

Hi all

I thought it would was time to check out Apple’s brand new product, the iPhone 3G!  I travelled down to the Apple Store in Regent Street, London to check out the product itself!

When entering the store, it was clear that a lot of people were interested in the new product!

1. iPhone 3G is advertised in full…

It took a bit of time for me to actually try out the new phone for myself and actually ended upstairs instead! Finally, there was an iPhone 3G I could try…although there was a lot of smudges…it is prone to these things though.  But the photo below was my first feel of the model…

2. The iPhone 3G itself!

3. The back of the iPhone 3G.  This is a black model.

I took these photos using my current iPhone!  It feels good to use, although I recently updated my iPhone to the version 2.0 software and am already enjoying the features of the iPhone with a new feature that allows you to download applications to your phone!  The only difference is that I want a 16Gb model, I have no 3G and no GPS feature in Maps!

While I was there, I thought I would take a shot of the MobileMe box. I consider joining it soon.

Overall, the iPhone 3G is good.  The problem is when I will be able to upgrade the phone because I cannot do it in Apple Stores unfortunately.  So I will have to wait!  Hopefully, when I do get my hands on one, I will write another blog entry of unboxing the new iPhone 3G for real!

What do you think of the iPhone 3G?  Let me know!