My thoughts on the App Store

6 08 2008

Hi all

I said I was going to write an entry on this, so here goes!  With the launch of the new iPhone 3G comes something people always wanted…applications on their iPhones!  Wouldn’t it be nice to download some games and useful programs while on the road?  That reality is here!  Welcome to the App Store!

The App Store contains a wealth of applications for the iPhone.  It is pretty straightforward to get an application and better experienced on the iPhone 3G (or iPhone, if you still hold one), just tap the App Store icon and you can search for applications from there.  While some applications you need to pay for, there are a wealth of some excellent free applications that are worth a look.  Among some of my favourite applications including…Facebook which is free, Crash Bandicoot Kart 3D which is an excellent kart game and Remote which allows you to control your iTunes music via your iPhone.

But there are plenty of choices for everyone, so have a look today and tell me what applications you like and would recommend others to get hold of!!




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