Rhodes goes around China

9 08 2008

Hi all

Continuing the China theme…have you watched ‘Rhodes Around China’ on UKTV Food?  What a fascinating documentary!  Gary Rhodes, along with two other chefs go around the different parts of China to learn about the types of food and recipes with the help of top class chefs.

There’s certainly a lot of things that Rhodes did not know and with a challenge of holding a banquet when he returns in the UK, it is important he gets his notepad and write down all the new found knowledge he has learnt!  So, did he pass?  Well, if you are watching the show…perhaps I rather not tell you the answer to that, you can find out for yourself (just switch on to UKTV Food).  It was playing when I wrote this blog entry anyway!

Good stuff!  A fan of Gary Rhodes?  What do you think of him?  Let me know!




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