MobileMe – Good move or bad?

15 08 2008

Hi all

You may have heard recently about Apple admitting that releasing MobileMe, the replacement to .Mac, at the same time as the iPhone 3G was a mistake and perhaps what they should have done was to gradually release it soon afterwards.

It promised a lot especially updating a service like .Mac which had been around for a good while.  But there were problems, especially when 1% of MobileMe users had no access to their e-mails and some even lost some along the way.  Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs insisted that the public should know what is going on with the service while the problems were ironed out.

Eventually, they did iron the problems out soon after…but why did Apple rush to get it out?  I certainly think that the service should have been given a trial run so that some customers could try and give it a go so that Apple could see how good their service was.  But the question is, should you go and apply for MobileMe?  It certainly looks good and being able to synchronise data between computers and iPhone are certainly a plus!

E-mail problems have been sorted out and going for a trial (for 90 days) is certainly your best bet.  What do you think?  Is MobileMe good?  Let me know!




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