Out of London…and at service stops

17 08 2008

Hi all

Thought I would spend a Sunday going into the countryside…or rather out of London as the weather was good. Travelling up the M1, I thought I would see the progress of the widening of the motorway.  It is looking good so far and between junctions 9 and 10, the new road is all complete.  As for the bit between junctions 6a to 8, the works are progressing well…it’s a shame that the M10 will disappear altogether though…and it would mean junction 7 will disappear too (more details on a future blog entry).

Going further up the road I stopped at the first services at Toddington (near junction 12) for lunch…then it was off again as I travelled further north to Northampton to junction 15a and stopped there to fill up the car with petrol at the next service stop at Rothersthorpe (skipping Newport Pagnell along the way).  Then it was the long way down south on the A43 towards Oxford.  The scenery is beautiful and very scenic as I reached junction 10 of the M40 going south and then east.  Just before taking the long journey back into London via the M40, I finally stopped for a bit at Oxford services just off junction 8a to have a short break.

Three service stops in one journey alone!  Seems a lot, but they do tell you to take breaks from driving!




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