Confusing details on London Overground closures

2 09 2008

Hi all

Another blog entry again for today!  I’ve just stumbled over some confusing details about the London Overground closures that took place from yesterday (1st September).  The puzzling information is regarding Camden Road station!  According to the closure leaflet (click here), Camden Road is served by London Overground trains between Watford Junction and Stratford via Camden Road (note this!).  The leaflet states “Trains from Watford Junction/Willesden Junction will stop at all stations to South Hampstead, followed by Camden Road and then all stations to Stratford”.

However, check the London Overground network map (click here) and you will notice that Camden Road is not served at all by Watford Junction and Stratford trains!  Has the author made a mistake?

In addition, to an earlier blog entry I wrote, the maps appear to suggest that Shepherd’s Bush Overground station will open in ‘October 2008’ yet a weekend closure map suggested that the station would open on 28th September 2008.  And where’s Imperial Wharf??? Mysteries that need answers! Let’s see if the authors of the maps make the corrections soon!

In addition, shouldn’t the Tube Map receive and update on the closures?




One response

3 09 2008

That map is wrong!. Trains From Watford Junction/Willesden Junction will stop at Camden Road. It will be diverted through the disused North London-Watford line. Passing disused Primose Hill station and on to Camden Road

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