iPhone 3G to go on Pay & Go

2 09 2008

Hi all

The iPhone 3G has been around for a while (just short of two months) and in that time, it has been pretty difficult to get hold of one (me included).  And I must say, it is my coolest device of the year!


The iPhone 3G is now available at this time and I’m sure many of you can easily get your hands on one including the white 16Gb model which has recently become available in the UK!

O2 has now announced a brand new option, it is going to be on Pay & Go for those who don’t want to go on the 18 month contract option (which in my opinion is the preferred option overall).  O2 will launch this service on 16th September now that the stock of iPhone 3G’s are regular.

However, despite this being good news to Pay & Go customers, there are two drawbacks…the first is that you will not have the Visual Voicemail option, it will be the plain old classic voicemail option (so if you want to hear the third message, you will have to hear the first two).  The second, which is probably the biggest of all drawbacks is the price!  For Pay & Go customers, an 8Gb model will cost you £349.99, and the 16Gb model will cost more priced at £399.99!  Now if you can afford this, well good for you…however, I am sure that there are many people who wouldn’t even dream of paying such a hefty price for this phone!!!

So the next question is, what’s the deal? What will you get offered if you use this option? Well, O2 have given a guideline of what you can get if you top up a certain amount a month. Between £10 and £14, you will get 500 minutes a month, between £15 and £29, you will get 1,000 minutes a month and for £30 or more, you will get unlimited minutes a month. But bear in mind, this only applies to calls as you will be charged 10p for a text message.

And how about Mobile Internet then? Well O2 have offered Pay & Go customers who buy the iPhone 3G using this option will receive 12 months free unlimited Internet access. After that, you’ll need to pay £10 a month to continue with this benefit.

So what alternatives are there then, if you are not prepared to pay for the iPhone 3G on Pay & Go?  Well there are two…first and most obvious option is to go on Pay Monthly as the prices of the iPhone 3G are far less…the maximum you will pay is £159 for a 16Gb model on £35 tariff for example.  The second option is to find someone who has an original iPhone who would be prepared to offer you so you can enjoy these benefits…except you won’t get 3G and the free 12 month unlimited access!

What do you think of O2’s Pay & Go deals? A good deal or bad deal? Let me know!




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