MobileMe – my review

9 09 2008

Hi all

Today, I did it! Yes, I signed up with MobileMe! Yes, Apple’s brand new replacement to .mac and allows users to synchronise data between devices such as your Macs and iPhone or iPod Touch through the ‘cloud’. A virtual place for whenever you update any information such as calendar or contacts.  The information will automatically be updated on each device!  How cool is that? (Hope you are following…if not, just jump to the last bit of this blog entry!)

Well I decided to give the 60 day trial a go as they is nothing to lose at all! And so I signed up and it didn’t take long before I got started. And it is easy to setup, believe me! And before you know it, I managed to get all the information updated on all devices without even synchronising my data directly on the computer! So I could be anywhere rest assured that will never forget to update my own Macs.

In short, MobileMe is pretty good. I haven’t used iDisk and the Photo Gallery features yet, but looking at what is on offer, it does indeed serve the rest of us (not only those in business you know!). But there’s still more to try and I will decide after the 60 day trial what I will do, but I will let you know properly what I actually thought!

What do you think of MobileMe? Let me know!

If you have come to the last paragraph of this blog (whether you have read the entire blog or not), I’m glad you have made it! I just want to say hello to you all and hope you are enjoying reading!




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