New iPod line

11 09 2008

Hi all

Did you hear the major announcement from Apple?  Well let me tell you a few details…yesterday, Apple unveil their brand new iPod range which did excite!

The major refresh was of course, the iPod Nano.  Sporting a new design, the 2 inch screen can be turned to landscape thanks to the Accelerometer technology built in.  In addition, there is a brand new interface and from what I’ve seen, it looks really cool! In addition to this, the coolest feature has to be the shuffle feature.  Simply shake the iPod Nano and a new track plays randomly! So what about the pricing? Well the iPod Nano comes in nine colours, so you will spoilt for choice!

The prices are for an 8Gb, it costs just £109, while the 16Gb model will cost £149.  They are pretty good prices and something worth going for…might consider getting one!

The iPod Touch had a refresh too, other than the brilliant 3.5 inch screen, the new iPod Touch had new features including a stainless steel backing, volume controls and a built in speaker which Steve Jobs described is for “casual listening”. Good for games and applications that don’t need the headphones! Also, the Nike + iPod application is included with a built in receiver.

Both models feature an excellent feature called Genius, this brilliant tool intelligently creates a playlist based on the song you are listening to! Cool!

So what about the iPod Shuffle and iPod Classic. Well, although not mentioned in the keynote speech, the iPod Shuffle has brand new colours but the specification remains the same. As for the iPod Classic, a brand new 120Gb model has been released while the 80Gb and 160Gb were dropped, so now there is just one model priced at £179, the same price as the 80Gb model.

Other news includes a brand new version of iTunes, version 8 which features a new way of playing your music plus you can now buy High Definition movies…although this has not come to the UK yet. And finally, iPhone 2.1 software which is due out tomorrow (Friday).

So there you go…lots of new stuff! What do you think of the news? Let me know!



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