iPhone 2.1 software has arrived!

12 09 2008

Hi all

Finally, some new stuff! After the exciting news over the new iPod range, we iPhone 3G customers finally get a well earned update. Did iPhone 2.1 software live up to expectations? Well, after installing the update, a few great features have been added.

The Genius feature for the iPod is fantastic! After installing the new version of iTunes (version 8.0), you can get the Genius feature activated which will allow you to use it on your iPhone.  And it is a brilliant feature! It generates a playlist based on the type of song you select. You can then play it and save it if you like the tunes.

Aside this, Apple can be praised for making backups from the iPhone to iTunes faster as it took an awfully long time to backup previously to the point that I had to cancel the job just to get the rest of my content synchronised. So no more waiting around! The second excellent feature, is the installation of applications via the App Store on the iPhone. It is much quicker to install now so you don’t need to wait endlessly for just one application to install. Just imagine how long it took to update several applications? No more!

Well those are the major features I will cover…but there are some other tidbits added to the iPhone 2.1 software, but I think you should check it out for yourself!

What do you think of the update? Good or bad? Let me know!



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