Please free the seats!

18 09 2008

Hi all

I’ve got to rant about something that I noticed the other day while I was travelling on a Circle line train. I have nothing against cyclists but this cyclist who was relaxing on one side of the carriage lies his bicycle on four empty seats on the opposite side! What an earth is that? No consideration for passengers who are standing! What if there was someone who needed a seat like an elderly person, or someone with children?

That’s out of order, and there’s no need to be selfish! I know the bicycle has to be somewhere, but the seats are certainly not the right place. If only he was more considerate. I was standing by the way, and I didn’t want to sit as I was only getting off a few stops time. But I was thinking of other people.

What other annoying things have you noticed on the Tube? Let me know!




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