Going For Gold is coming back!

6 10 2008

Hi all

It has been announced that the game show Going For Gold is coming back on our TV screens! Yes, it’s true! The excellent game show that used to play on BBC is returning on channel Five on 13th October.

Henry Kelly who used to present the show will not be back to present it, but instead it will be presented by former ITN Newscaster, John Suchet. And what’s great is the theme tune and all the great rounds such as Beat The Buzzer, Four In A Row and Head To Head will all be back! It’s all good!

John Suchet was said to be very excited about the show as it is something different. And it will be very interesting to see how it will all go!


In the next few days to the build up of the new game show, I will be writing blog articles of the golden years of Going For Gold including history, the games, the theme tune and Henry Kelly himself, the man who represents Going For Gold. So do come back for all this and more!

What do you think of Going For Gold? Let me know of your personal Going For Gold experiences whether you were a viewer or a player!




2 responses

2 05 2009

I was glad when i found out that Going for gold was coming back i hope there is a series 2

31 08 2015
Anthony Budby

I was the biggest ever winner on ” Going for gold extra ” with John Suchet . I won £15,000 and bought a beautiful static caravan with the money. I didn’t believe anyone won on these shows until I won. Great memories. Tony Budby

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