David’s Going For Gold Challenge #2

9 10 2008

Here we go again…another fun and cryptic Going For Gold puzzle to get all readers going for gold, whether they loved, liked or didn’t enjoy the show in the past.  As usual, I want you to answer the question “Who am I?” and solve the following puzzle I have set you.  Just work out what the following celebrities may have in connection with Going For Gold.  Any ideas???  Please do post your answers as a comment on this post now!  No prizes I’m afraid for anyone who does score right but at least you can smile and really enjoy your day knowing you solved a puzzle if you do get it right!

For those of you wondering when I will be revealing the answers to all these challeneges it’ll be never…no actually, I’m not that mean!  They’ll be revealed at the end of my Going For Gold week so watch out!

Best of golden luck! 😉




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