Going For Gold – Rounds in pictures

9 10 2008

Hi all

If you read yesterday’s Going For Gold blog about the different rounds and how the game show works, you will have seen how detailed the game play is and I thought today it would be easier to visually see what the game show and the various rounds look like! So check out this lot!

1. The previous host, Henry Kelly

2. The opening round – this used to be represented by a contestant from their European Country

3. The First Round Proper or ‘Beat The Buzzer’ – only four contestants qualify for this round

4. The Four In A Row round takes the three contestants to choose from four categories

5. In ‘Four In A Row’, each contestant has to correctly answer four questions in a row, if they don’t, they will go back to zero!

6. Finally (if you excuse the pun) is the final round, ‘Head To Head’ where the final two contestants go and battle to score nine or more points to win!

7. Depending on who has control of the round, the contestant who is able to answer within the scoring zone wins those number of points!

I hope this will help give you a better understanding of the game show! The next blog article that will be coming soon is the history of this excellent game show, so do please come back soon for that one!




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