Going For Gold Biographies: Henry Kelly

11 10 2008

Hi all!  I think no Going For Gold coverage would be complete without a detailed mention of the presenters behind the show!  As you’ll know by now, if you never watched Going For Gold, Henry Kelly is the star of the original format.  He hosted Going For Gold for ten great series and he’ll be remembered for great slogans like “What am I?” or “Who am I?”, “Select” and “Laconic” plus “You’re playing catch-up”.  Now learn more about the man himself in this in-depth biography…

Henry Kelly was born on the 17 April 1946 in Athlone, Westmeath, Ireland and is an Irish television and radio presenter.  He went to the Belvedere College and attended University College Dublin.  At the latter he was an auditor for the Literary and Historical Society.  After leaving university Kelly went onto become a journalist and became the Northern editor of the Irish Times based in Belfast during the 1970s.  In 1976, Kelly moved to London where he featured on World Tonight on BBC Radio 4.  

Henry Kelly stars with his fellow presenters in LWT's 'Game For A Laugh' with Matthew Kelly, Jeremy Beadle and Sarah Kennedy.

1980 saw Kelly take on a completely new direction in his career leaving behind jornalism and becoming one of four presenters for the prank entertainment show, Game For A Laugh which was produced by London Weekend Television alongside Matthew Kelly, Jeremy Beadle and Sarah Kennedy.  In 1987, Kelly embarked on a new presentation role in the game show, Going For Gold which saw Kelly take the helm for a total of ten series until the demise of Going For Gold in 1996.  It was broadcast at lunchtimes on BBC One.

In 1992, Kelly returned to radio and became one of the first presenters to feature on the newly launched Classic FM.  His show was aired in the mid-morning on weekdays and moved to the breakfast slot in June 2003.  Kelly moved radio stations and became the late afternoon presenter on London’s LBC 97.3 radio station from September 2003.  He stayed with LBC until the end of 2004.  Kelly announced he was looking to return to television work, some eight years after his final run on Going For Gold but with a lack of television work he continued on radio hosting the late show on BBC London 94.9 radio for a fortnight in June 2005.

Henry Kelly today

Henry Kelly today.

Kelly secured a more permananent spot on BBC Radio Berkshire from September 2005 where he now has his own weekday mid-morning show.  In August 2006, Kelly made a return to Classic FM and hosted a Sunday morning show alongside his duties on BBC Radio Berkshire but his time on Classic FM again was terminated as his show was replaced by other programs in early 2008.

Tomorrow, don’t miss the biography on John Suchet, the new host of Going For Gold!

David’s Going For Gold Challenge #4

11 10 2008

Hi all!  Once again my brain has gone into overdrive to produce another fiendishly tough Going For Gold Challenge!  If you don’t know already, you have to try to work out how the two featured celebrities are linked to Going For Gold.  Of course, in keeping with the ‘Who am I?’ theme of questions that feature on Going For Gold, you’ll need to know who the celebrities are to work out the link.  Can you do it?  Try it now!!!

Best of golden luck! 🙂