Going For Gold Biographies: John Suchet

12 10 2008

Hi all!  Today I’ve got another Going For Gold treat as we’re here on the eve of the exciting return of this fantastic game show.  The treat is a detailed biography of the new presenter, John Suchet.  You’ll know John as one of ITN’s major news presenters and a classic music fan.  Well, now he’s taking on game shows and we look forward to that!  Anyway, here goes… John Suchet in-depth… enjoy!

John Suchet was born on the 29 March 1944 and is a British newscaster and television presenter.  Of Jewish and Anglican descent on his father’s and mother’s side respectively, Suchet attended the Uppingham School in Rutland and went on to study at the University of Dundee.  He was awarded an Honourary Doctorate .

John Suchet in his younger days as one of ITN's anchor newscasters.

John Suchet in his younger days as one of ITN

In 1972, Suchet would commence a long run as newscaster for Indepenedent Television News.  He presented various new bulletins from 1972 right up to 2004.  Bulletins included News At One and later the time revised News at 1:30.  He was also one of the anchor presenters on News At Ten, ITV’s most coveted news programme.  

John Suchet in a promo for Classic FM is a big classic music and Beethoven fan.

John Suchet in a promo for Classic FM is a big classic music and Beethoven fan.

In 1992, Suchet became one of the main presenters on the ITV Early Evening News shortly after it replaced the News At 5:40 programme and this Suchet continued to do until 1999.  Up to 1994, Suchet had alternated with Carol Barnes to read the news on the bulletin after which Suchet became the sole presenter.  Suchet had also replaced the traditional early evening newscasters for ITN, Michael Nicholson and Alastair Stewart.


Suchet participated in special event programmes for ITN including the coverage of Princess Diana’s funeral, election coverage shows and the Budget.

Into the new millennium, Suchet shifted television channels to become one of the newscasters for Channel Five after a brief break from news reading on ITV.  Suchet also featured as guest presenter on This Morning on ITV and a guest panelist on Five’s The Wright Stuff.  Suchet has also got involved with radio work and hosts the show, Composer’s Notes on Classic FM.  Suchet has admitted being a Beethoven fan and has toured with his material.  Also, Suchet mentioned he could speak lots about Chopin on a recent Going For Gold show after the composer was the answer to one of the questions.

The latest work for Suchet sees him present the new format of Going For Gold which plays on Five and sees its revival some twelve years later.

David Suchet is one of John's younger brothers and is well-known for his enactment of Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot.

David Suchet is one of John's younger brothers and famous as fictional sleuth, Hercule Poirot.

Suchet’s younger brother, David Suchet is well known for his role as the famous fictional Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, created by crime writer, Agatha Christie.  In a recent episode of BBC’s genealogy programme, ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’, David Suchet appeared trying to trace his ancestors.  John Suchet featured briefly in the programme helping his brother with the research.  The programme revealed that the Suchets’ paternal grandfather was a Lithuanian Jew and that the surname Suchet originated from the original name, Suchedowitz.




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