Questions Pour Un Champion

12 10 2008

Don’t worry!  I haven’t suddenly converted my blog to French 🙂 The reason for saying ‘Questions for a champion’ in French is because it’s the name of the French version of Going For Gold!  This version has been running non-stop for 20 years and is one of France’s biggest game shows.  Hosted by French television presenter, Julian Lepers it still proves popular and has seen over 300,000 contestants and over 500,000 questions during its lifetime.  Read on to find out about this success…

Questions Pour Un Champion is the French incarnation of Going For Gold but unlike Going For Gold on which the show is based, it has had a continuous run since it first aired on 7 November 1988 and has been presented throughout by television presenter, Julian Lepers.  It broadcast initially on France 3 but is now airing on TV5.

Julian Lepers is the long-running presenter.

Julian Lepers is the long-running presenter.

It retains the three traditional rounds of Going For Gold titled: «Neuf Points Gagnant» (literally translating as Nine Points Won, equivalent to the First Round Proper or ‘Beat The Buzzer’), «Quatre à la suite» (‘Four in a Row’) and «Face-à-face» (‘Face to Face’ equivalent to the Final round, ‘Head to Head’) and these are played in the same fashion as the British version.  During a number of series of the original British version, Questions Pour Un Champion shared the same set design and onscreen graphics as Going For Gold.  The sound effects are still retained by both shows to this day.

Unlike the new British version broadcasting on Five where winning contestants can continue to come back should they win successive shows and amass up to £2,000 (now £1,500) per show, on Questions Pour Un Champion the winner will earn firstly 500 € and build this up by 1,000 € per show they win up to five shows on top of the jackpot pool.


There have been many specials of the show including ‘Questions Pour Un Super-Champion’ and shows for schools.

And the French version outdoes Going For Gold on the number of broadcasts with some over 7,000 editions compared to the less than 1,000 episodes of Going For Gold (which includes the new ‘Extra’ shows).  However, unlike Going For Gold, ‘Questions Pour Un Champion’ has been on air continuously for some 20 years and is one of France’s biggest game shows.




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