David’s Going For Gold Challenge #10

13 10 2008

OK!  I know that all nine challenges have been provided but I couldn’t resist giving you folks another challenge!  This is the hardest, toughest of them all!  Think you can do it?  If you’ve got all nine, I know you’ll have so much difficulty getting this one!  😉  Remember, identify the two featured celebrities and try to work out how they are linked to Going For Gold! 🙂

Best of the very best golden luck! 😉

Going For Gold is Back!!!

13 10 2008

Hi all!  The day has finally come!!!  GOING FOR GOLD IS BACK!!! And it’s fantastic!  Now broadcasting on Five and hosted by ITN newsreader, John Suchet, this new version of the classic TV show features the traditional three rounds (without the seven contestants first round) and plenty of interactive phone competitions.  It also has an additional 15 minute show called ‘Going For Gold Extra’ which sees the studio champion pit their wits against a member of the viewing audience.  The new show is now one hour long.  See the following for screenshots of this first new show and you’ll notice similarities between the new version and the old…

1- The all-new Going For Gold intro screen – it also features the original music (albeit slightly updated) sung by Sandy McClelland and composed by Hans Zimmer.

2 – The all-new Going For Gold set – plenty of gold everywhere and John Suchet is all ready to present the show!

3 – John Suchet prepares to quiz plenty of contestants on all general knowledge!

4 – The first round, ‘Beat The Buzzer’ sees the four contestants score 9 points to get to the next round…notice the all-new graphics but same concept as the original version.

5 – Next round, ‘Four-in-a-row’.  Categories are provided to the three qualifying contestants…

6 – ‘Four-in-a-row’ is just that – Each contestant must score the highest in 40 seconds of furious question answering.  If they get an answer wrong it’s back to zero but whatever their highest score after 40 seconds, that’s what they’ll earn.  The best performance is obviously 4 answers in a row!

7 – And it’s the Final!!!  ‘Head to Head’ sees the qualifying two contestants beat each other at a duel of general knowledge.  Contestants can only answer the question while they have control and will earn the points in the corresponding zone if they answer correctly.  Notice the all-new graphics for the ticking level.  It’s all gold coins!

8 – Talking about coins – look!  The consolation prize is a fantastic (or maybe fantastic) Going For Gold Commemorative Coin (or Medal).  It just looks a little too silver/bronze to me…  This is awarded to the loser of the ‘Head to Head’ round.

9 – Michelle from Sheffield becomes Going For Gold’s first champion of the new version!  Congratulations to Michelle!

10 – John Suchet can now have a good lie down and strong coffee as he prepares for the Extra show!  Good job, John!

You can check out Going For Gold at http://www.five.tv/goingforgold

What do you think of the all-new show?  Does it surpass the older version?  Is John Suchet up to standard against Henry Kelly?  Is the all-new set decent?  What do you think of the format of the show?  Please let me know!  And enjoy many Going For Golds to come!  Can’t wait!  🙂

David’s Going For Gold Challenge #9

13 10 2008

GOING FOR GOLD IS TRULY BACK!  And to complete the celebrations and this fantastic Going For Gold Week, here’s the ninth and final Going For Gold challenge!  (Why nine challenges?  Well, you have to score nine points in ‘Beat the Buzzer’ to get through – have you got all nine?)  Final instructions for all of you who have not yet enjoyed these mad challenges – Who Am I?  Work out who the celebrities are and work out how they’re linked to Going For Gold!  Try it out now!  Post your answers as a comment to this post!  No prizes but if you win you’ll be a Going For Gold pseudo-champion!!! 😉

Best of golden luck! 😉

David’s Going For Gold Challenge #8

13 10 2008

Good morning folks!  It’s the return of GOING FOR GOLD today!!!  And to really get you into the mood here’s another great Going For Gold Challenge!  Instructions are simple and here for all of you still not familiar with it.  Just try to work out who the featured celebrities are and then work out how they’re linked to Going For Gold!  Easy?  Well see if you’re golden smart!  By the way, post your answers as a comment to this post!  No prizes but you’ll be able to smile the biggest smile if you get the answers right!

Best of golden luck! 😉

David’s Going For Gold Challenge #7

13 10 2008

If you haven’t had enough of Going For Gold and can’t wait for its brilliant return tomorrow, here’s a late night one!  Don’t forget to post your answers as a comment to this post and if you’re not sure what you must be doing check out previous challenges!  Enjoy!  And have a nice sleep! 🙂

Best of golden luck! 😉